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Parts Repair Request (RMA)

Shipping parts to Canada

Yes! We are located in Canada, however don’t worry. We walk you through the entire process and make it easy for you. We stand behind our service and cover Customs fees coming into/out of Canada; this includes non warranty repair items as well. So please follow the procedure carefully. Our aim is to make this process as easy as possible. First read over our warranty policy to be sure you fully understand it. This way there should be no complications in the future. Then follow our RMA request procedure.

RMA request for warranty and non-warranty repairs

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First step is to complete our RMA request form below. This allows our service department to issue you an RMA number to help you track the status of your parts. We also provide you with an example of a UPS Customs form. This form is an example of the standard document that most shipping companies like UPS, FedEx etc. have you fill out. This sample form has the accurate description and value of the parts you are sending back, so be sure to copy this exact information to your form. Also you need to specify that the parts are manufactured in Canada. The example form shows you where you normally enter the origin of a part.

Once the RMA form is completed, one of our Service representatives will quickly get back to you with an RMA number and will address any questions you may have. Remember we supply the Example UPS form to help you complete the actual UPS (or other carrier) documentation correctly.

Note: Unfortunately, because Canada is considered as international, we cannot issue call tags.

Everything must be shipped prepaid with the RMA number clearly marked OUTSIDE of the box. This is the number our service representative gave you. It ensures that the part you returned goes straight to our Repair department upon arrival.Ver-Mac is not responsible for any damage that happens during shipping, so make sure you pack the part correctly and securely.

And if you receive a damaged part, please lodge your claim with the shipping company. Once we receive the part, our repair department determines whether the part is still under warranty and issues you a quote for any non warranty items. If the part is still under warranty we ship it back to you prepaid. Shipping charges for non-warranted parts appear on your invoice.

Note: We cannot quote shipping charges prior to shipping; there are too many variables (weight, size and changing costs etc.) to give an accurate quote. The actual shipping amount appears only on your final bill.

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